Yet another blog


I am 28 and have no idea what this life is all about. I enjoy my time at work because all the people I am working with are just lovely (hmmm… except one). When I look at others, they are happy with their facebook or parties on the weekends.  I wish I can be someone like that. As soon as I get back to my room from work, loneliness surrounds me and results in too may un answered questions. I then start to panic and feel empty.

I need a solution. I need to find a way to get back to this life so that I can be happy till I am done with this world. I have tried so many stuff, but ended up failing in everything (Gym, Meditation, Yoga, Sports, Guitar, Piano…  you name it). The last thing I am left with is Drawing.

I like to learn to Draw which I have been postponing till now. I am going to take this blog as a diary and write down my progress. I believe this will keep me engaged.

Once in a while, I might post about movies I enjoyed and other stuff I learned. Will see how far this will go.



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