EGL Skim

1.Where does EGL come in the Scene?

When communicating with native windowing system of my OS EGL acts as the layer between OpenGL-ES and OS-window system.

1- eglGetDisplay()   //open a connection

2- eglInitialize()       //then initialize EGL

To query available types and configurations of drawing surfaces.

3- eglGetConfig() //query every surface configuration Optional

4 -eglGetConfigAttrib() // Analyze each config and make the chice or

5 -eglChooseConfig() // Have EGL make the choice of matching configs(create a list of “nice o have”s and pass )

To create drawing surfaces

6- eglCreateWindowSurface() // Create window with the chosen configs

7- eglCreatePbufferSurface() //Optional Offscreen buffer don’t confuse with frame buffers

8- eglCreateContext()          //Create rendering context

9- eglMakeCurrent()   // to associate particular context with surface

managing rendering resources – ex:texture map. (I have no idea why the resources has to go through this.)

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