Quartz 2D

Damn, it has been 5 weeks since I last wrote. I was really bored reading OpenGL for a while therefore I stopped and carried away with the WWDC stuff. While I was watching WWDC videos, I thought about having  a player where you can watch videos at high speed. Therefore I started to write a player app.

It is coming along very well. However, I have to come to a state where I need to write a custom control set which should be written in core graphics. But, I have zero knowledge in CoreGraphics. Therefore the new course begins now.

I want to log whatever I study, therefore I don’t forget everything I learnt after few months.

If we divide the whole document in to different sections, Overview is about 25 pages, Paths section is 24 pages, colors and color space section is about 9 pages, transforms is 9 pages, patterns section is 15 pages, shadows is 2 pages,Gradient is about 23 pages, transparency layers is about 2 pages, data management is exactly 4 pages, bit maps and image masks section is 30 pages, core graphics layer drawing is about 6 pages, pdf related code is 17 pages, and remaining 9 pages is  about text.

So, Overview, Paths and Bitmap sections are the huge chunks to swallow.

I am hyped. Let see how many pages I can finish by today.

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