A Dark Room for Android – How I Ported it.

5 weeks back, I saw a game in top of the charts in ios app store. It looked horrendously ugly based on its screen shots. I accused the developer of doing dirty tricks to get to the top of the charts and moved away. Next week, I check the charts and to my surprise the game was still there. The rating were all 5 stars. The iphone users must have gone mad, I thought. I googled “a dark room”, which was the name of the game and it directed me to an online game.

It was during office hours, so I was playing that game between work, and after a while, I realised that I couldn’t concentrate on work anymore. Totally shocked, I started searching more about this game. To my suprise, I found out that the code is open sourced under public licence. I pulled the code, read it and began to port it to android to play it on my good old Nexus 7. I asked my brother who lives in another country to download the game on his iPhone and send me screen shots. (my iPhone 4 is dead after iOS7 update 😦 ) That night he sent me screen shots and explained me how attractive the game was and how it differed from web version.

After 40-50 hours spread evenly over the 4 weekends, I managed to finish the game for Android. I played it thrice and found it interesting every time I played it. The game even surprised its own porter. I salute the original web version creator for creating such a magical thing.

The game gave me a weird feeling of travelling through the human history in just 1 hour. There were few lines about slavery. My programmer mind wanted to keep it. But, I removed it eventually. [ I watched ’12 years a slave’ 3 times and wanted to go back in time to shoot all those slave traders.]

If you really want an immersive experience:  A Dark Room 

Thank you.

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