A Dark Room Status

Free Versions of ‘A Dark Room’ is now available in both Apple Store and Google Play.  It is 99% equivalent to the original version of it. We just removed the part where all your villagers are enslaved. We think it is good that we forget the dark past sometimes.

You should be enjoying the awesome sound effects and leaderboards which are additions to the original game. If you are stuck somewhere, feel free to flick a mail to ambusedu@gmail.com Or you can comment here.

We are thinking about removing ads in the update following the next bug fix update. Hope you will have fun.


5 thoughts on “A Dark Room Status

  1. Just downloaded A Dark Room this evening & am loving it.
    One question, how do i keep from dying of dehydration when I leave the village?
    Keep up the great work! I hope there will be updates. =D

    • Thank you :). First craft water-skin from workshop. Water-skin will hold more water. (Later you should craft more advanced items.) Once you enter dusty-path, you will consume water at ‘1 water/step’ rate. However, if you go inside ‘Houses(H)’ or ‘Out-posts(P)’ your water container will be refilled. 🙂 So, you should do plan before move farther. Hope this answers your question.

      The current version has an ending, however the NO HUT mode is currently under development (new story and new climax are planned for that.) Thanks again for the support.

      • Thanks! ☺
        Now I’m having a different issue. When I encounter someone or something on the dusty path, the game only gives my character a bar. I can’t damage enemies. I’ve tried killing the app & re-starting, but it’s still doing it. =(

      • You should craft weapons and take them with you. First you should craft bone spear. Then click on dusty path button. Before embarking, make sure you add a bone spear to your rucksack by clicking the plus button next to bone spear just like you did for cured meat. You can add more weapons as they become available. 🙂

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