from A Dark Room to A Silent Wood

I changed the name of the App from ‘A Dark Room’ to ‘A Silent Wood’. Because, I was notified that the name is being trademarked and waiting for the final files. It is something like Redhat. Redhat is open-sourced and you can release your own version of it. But, you can not use the name RedHat in your version. Though I was aware that It might take a long time for these trade marking procedure, I did not want to use the loopholes.

I decided to change the name, because I had already started to feel really bad about it. To be fair, that name doesn’t belong to me. I don’t want to earn bad karma. I could already feel the evil inside me.

Therefore, I changed the name and started to promote as ‘A Silent Wood’. App received good reviews and currently had approximately 250 downloads on paid version and 200+ in free version(google play). Free version made about $5 in ads. I received few mails and reviews which complained about grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. My English knowledge is very low and I am the only one who does the play testing. I find it very hard to publish something with no error.

I work full time (not in Game Industry) and game development is my hobby. I want to see lot of people playing the game and want to see more good reviews.

So, currently I am adding new elements and story lines to the game and hoping to publish that in the google play store.

I am expecting the iOS version of the game, which is totally disconnected from ‘A Dark Room’  to be released anytime soon. It has been 4/5 days already in the review queue.  iOS version has made around $150 from ads so far. So, I believe it will make $200 before it dies off.

If you are reading this, please checkout the next version this weekend in google play, it will have my own story and more elements added to keep the player engaged.

Download : Paid Version

It totally sad to see my app in google play ranks (top selling new 25th) and not selling many copies. 😀

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 4.45.05 pm


5 thoughts on “from A Dark Room to A Silent Wood

  1. It’s strange game, but you should add new features 🙂 If you want, I can translate this game to Turkish.

  2. Thank you Mali. I am working on new features. I would love to have it translated to all languages. Will give it some attention as soon as the new features are done. Cheers.

  3. Great Game. I cant seem to stop playing. I find myself enthralled by the story line even though there are no characters. But thats the good part, allows me to use my imagination and I care about the process of my villagers. Ill leave a review in the google play store. Thanks!

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