A Silent Wood – Update

Yesterday, the App was downloaded 40 copies in paid version and was not making any money in free version. Therefore, I removed the free version from store. Received a mail about that in a few hours from a user. Felt bit guilty about it. And, someone put a 1 star review and brought the ratings down, and he/she did not bother about writing the reason. I should be worried.

It has been 5 days since I put the update of iOS version in the review queue and there is no sign about it being reviewed. Therefore, I pulled the current version from sale. It is not fair to have it more than this many days.

Working on the ‘A Silent Wood’ update at night times, while chasing a deadline coming this friday at work, feels stressful. I missed 2 gym sessions continuously and I am already feeling very bad about it. To add to my problems, I have a family dinner tonight. Keeping everything at balance is tough. But, I am determined to release the updated version this weekend. 

I’ll keep this blog updated about the sales and other news. Thanks for reading.

Download: A Silent Wood

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