A Silent Wood 2.0 Update (android port of A Dark Room)

After I was encouraged to come up with my own story for my port, next morning, on my way to work on train, I came up with a cool story. It had a legacy portion as well as something which perfectly fit the current version. I was very happy about my creative part of my brain, which normally struggles to boot up. However, the story required new elements in it: that means more work. It took me solid 18 hrs to create the new version and I published version 2 of it in Google Play on  May 31st.

Before publishing, I made sure the new story doesn’t corrupt the game play of those who are already playing. I went through the game few times and then when I felt satisfied, uploaded the apk. On June 1st I received 3 bad reviews saying the update has screwed their game. Since I did not have any logs, I painstakingly went through the code for an hour to spot the culprit code. Once fixed, Everybody who gave bad reviews updated it back. Thanks guys, you are  awesome. Now the App has 4.1 average rating.

The updated story has 2 more elements which are important in the human history. They will make the game play totally epic and interesting. I’ll upload the iOS version tonight, so it should be available sometimes next week. There will be a paid version for those who like no ads, as well.

App is currently ranked 23rd in Top Paid New Apps in google play. A Silent Wood