A Silent Wood – Support

Warning – contains spoilers.

1.I don’t see anything progressing in the game. What should I do now?

  • did you cart wood recently? If not, do it.
  • have you built all buildings which are available? If not, build them.
  • have you used all type of villagers? you might miss out tanners or miners. they unlock different items.

2.Had a weird problem where the next time I opened the game it was a black screen but I heard the background ambience? Should I re-install?

  • No. Don’t. You will lose your game’s state. It happens due memory issues. Just kill the app from the background and restart.
  • Always save before sending the app to the background.

3.Why should I farm?

  • farms provide corn seeds, eggs and milk. When you have ‘workshop’, you can make ‘power drink’ for your hard working labours. They will make supplies quicker and be immune to plagues. Plagues wipe out your village most of the time. So be prepared with eggs and milk.
  • farms can provide a lot of meat in an emergency as well.

4. Where are the Items I looted? I don’t see them in the supplies.

  • If you die in the dusty path, you lose everything in your rucksack/wagon/whatever. And all the captured places go free too. So, make your way back home to enjoy the victory.
  • On successful return, additional and unwanted items will be shifted to store room safely.

5.I die in the dusty path often. How can I avoid that?

  • rest at outposts. refill your water there.
  • use roads (marked as #)
  • don’t just follow the compass. explore. you will find more interesting stuff.
  • upgrade your armours. equip stronger weapons. be quick.
  • always keep an eye on the water and cured meat.

6. I am finding it hard to capture the fortress. what should I do?

  • the first time you go you will die. you go back to the builder and she will build you a cannon. Now upgrade you cannon. go and blast the enemies. build outposts around the fortress.
  • have you ever tried going beyond borders? ;). Try and see.
  • and, prepare everything including weapons and food well, save the game and then go for the battle. If you kill are killed, just kill the app and start again. You can start from where saved. 😉

7. I have captured the fortress. now, what?

  • go and talk to the builder. once finished talking, go to dusty path view (not the map) and you will find a new button there.

8. Any tips?

  • always read the texts pop up. You will get a different experience.
  • play with the sound. sound effects are there to give you goose bumps. at least, enable them when you are on the dusty path.

9. I built everything. Now I keep dying in the woods. Or it says I died of starvation yet I had a ton of food.

  • So, you have unlocked the dusty path. That’s great. Now, have you upgraded your armour? If not, go to workshop and craft them. Alright. Now, before embarking make sure you add ‘cured meat’ to your rucksack.You consume 1 ‘cured meat’ for every 3 steps. And, if you have water skin, it can hold 20 water: you consume 1 water for each step. Now, do the math and don’t go too far until you unlock iron mine (hint: follow the compass).  Once you capture iron mine, you will be able to upgrade your rucksack, armour, etc.
  • If you are running out of food, you will see a red alert in the map screen. That’s a warning. So, you should take refuge in a nearby outpost. (The places you previously captured turn into out-post and provide you with cured meat and water)

10. I could not read the text in the climax. what are they?

  • “alone with the creature. fear cascades through the mind.”
  • “must find a black-hole, to put this ship to eternal rest.”
  • “a wall of asteroids… her gruesome defence?”
  • “so cold… bitter indeed…”
  • “must be black-hole in the horizon… devouring everything in its vicinity.”
  • “drawing towards an unimagined end.”
  • “all power would cease one day. yet should’ve lived one’s esteem.”
  • “sorry for everything I did, my world. these tears will testify… I mean it.”
  • “(the ship silently sinks into the black-hole)”

11.Are there any goals to progress forward? I keep collecting stuff and see no end. (not recommended to read at all)

  1. Keep building huts and traps and farms(once available).
  2. Build lodge.
  3. Send few villagers to hunt and  make baits.
  4. Build tannery.
  5. Send few villagers to make leather.
  6. Build trade-post.
  7. Collect first scale from traps with baits. Buy compass.
  8. Build smoke house. Send few villagers to process meat.
  9. Build workshop. Get your bone spear. Go on the dusty path. Embark. Follow the compass.
  10. Build farms. Collect eggs and milk. buy power drinks often to keep the production high.
  11. Capture iron mine. Send few villagers to mine. Upgrade weapons, armours, hp.
  12. Capture coal mine. Send few villagers to mine. Build Steel Works. Send few villagers to make steel. Upgrade weapons, armours, hp.
  13. Capture sulphur mine. Send few villagers to mine. Build Armoury. Send few villagers to make bullets.
  14. Go and try to capture the fortress. Build cannon. upgrade it. Capture the fortress.
  15. Collect/ buy Alien Alloys, upgrade the starship. Enjoy the Climax.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email me (ambusedu@gmail.com) or comment under here.

Thank you.

46 thoughts on “A Silent Wood – Support

    • How are you making steel without iron? (are you buying from merchant?) steel requires iron and coal. First, you have to find iron mine in dusty path and then coal mine. follow the compass. 🙂 Once you capture iron mine, you can send your villagers to mine. Enjoy.:)

  1. I kill the animal in the iron mine then loot I collect iron but always die trying to get home. What am I doing wrong? Great game by the way

    • Have you upgraded your armour? If not, build the tannery, assign few villagers to make leather and craft the items in workshop.

      Close to the mines, attack few houses and turn them into out posts. You go to outposts to refill your water and food.

      The # signs are roads which means safety.

      Hope this helps. Fell free to ask more.

    • A Dusty Path Map Legend

      A – Your village. Return here when your travelling is done, and try not to stray too far from it.
      P – An outpost. These appear whenever you clear an area. Each time you embark on a new journey, these spots will yield up a small stock of Cured Meat. They’ll also fully restore your water.
      H – An abandoned house. You’ll usually find Squatters and a few uncommon items inside. You may also discover a well that will restore your water.
      V – A cave. You’ll need several Torches to explore caves. Monsters dwell within, though if you make it to the rear of the cave you’ll usually discover a cache of items.
      I – An iron mine. Guess what you’re most likely to find inside. Successfully clearing out an iron mine allows you to allocate workers as Iron Miners.
      C – A coal mine. Again, guess what’s inside. Successfully clearing out a coal mine allows you to allocate workers as Coal Miners.
      O – A deserted town. Towns can be normally explored, though on occasion you’ll need Torches to proceed. Good places to gather equipment.
      B – A huge borehole. The primary place to find Alien Alloy.
      F – A forgotten battlefield. You’ll typically find a bunch of high-tech equipment in these areas. Very useful.
      S – A sulphur mine. Like the other mines, it can be cleared out to gain access to Sulphur Miners.
      Y – A ruined city. Similar to a town, though with more dangerous inhabitants and better prizes to claim.
      M – A murky swamp. If you bring a Jewel to the man inside, he’ll share a bit of the lore of the world, and his former place in it. Talking to him will get you the Gastronome Perk.
      W – A crashed ship. Finding this sparks the end of the game. Upgrade it with Alien Alloy and you can use it to flee into the great unknown.

  2. I have captured the fort and it said I retrieved the ship, but nothing has changed. How do I talk to the builder, is it by carting wood? This does nothing for me.

  3. Every time I see anything on the dusty path it moves away from me.. Is this the limbo I’ve been hearing about? Please fix, I can’t get any further :-/

      • I just went in to take some screenshots and oddly it’s all working fine now! Hooray 🙂
        Perhaps I just got a bit mixed up with my controls. Thanks 🙂

  4. In the game, I never let my fire burn out. What would happen if I DID let my fire burn out? Would my worker be too cold to work and my workers not produce anything?

      • 早い返信ありがとう。


      • あなたはこのゲームを完了した。おめでとうございます。ありがとうございました。

        あなたがそのバグのスクリーンショットをしてください送ってくださいませんか? ambusedu@gmail.com

      • ありがとう。最高に面白いゲームだった。


  5. Hi,
    great game, beat it through once and now i’m trying it sans huts. The problem is, the merchant won’t sell me an item i haven’t already obtained once, which means i can never leave to explore because i have no cured meat. I was hoping I would be attacked by armed men, but it hasn’t happened and I’ve been playing a while. Have a farm and all buildings. Thoughts?

    • Hi, you got it correct. You have to be attacked by armed man to get your first cured meat. It is all luck. You have 10% chance of getting attacked by armed men every 2 minutes. Hope you have already achieved it. Sorry for the delay.

  6. I can’t beat the fort and I’ve upgraded my cannon…if u take two cannons does it inflict more damage…?…what places are able to change into outposts…?…what items beat the fort aside from cannon balls?…

    • No.. extra cannon is not going to help you.
      You can turn everything into Out post except for few like Boreholes, Mines and Battle Grounds. You can find more weapons (ex: Grenades, Carbines) , if you wander around.

  7. Also what is the battery for…etc…do I need a carbine…because i lost it and now I cant find one…which is a better weapon the bola’s or grenade?…katana or steel sword…?

    • Yes.. Carbine uses Battery. If you wander around, you will find carbines in battle fields. Bolas is useless against Fort. It just stuns the enemy so that enemy will not attack you for a while. Katana is way better than any other Swords.

  8. I don’t see anything on the Dusty Trail. Is their something I’m doing wrong? And I can’t save the game so I leave the app open witch is a bit annoying.

    • There is a save button in the “builder” page. It is always good to save often and before going for a battle. And, regarding your Dusty Path issue, I think the game’s database was corrupt in your device :(.

  9. Hi! Great game, but I have a bug or something. I get a blank screen instead of the map, but it was working fine a while ago.

    • Thanks Z. This is a known issue due to some devices corrupt the database, If the player sends the app to background while the game is saving. The only option is to restart the game. Extremely sorry Z. 😦

  10. Ummm, I’m playing the free version; so I wanted to know what’s different. Also, after readong through half of the Support, I got lost. What is the “climax”? I don’t have it on the free version. . . I sort of let the game die off until I started playing again last week.
    Could anyone tell me what I would expect in the free version?

    • You can go in to the dusty path (where the RPG element of the game begins) and have some fight. That’s where it ends for the Free version.
      In full version you can go finish the dusty path and unlock the mystery of that women. Then you will have a small game where you have to finish off the main enemy.

  11. Hi,
    I have an interesting bug on my LG G3 where, if I start making baits, my traps stop working entirely, and I have to rely on battle to get teeth/scales/cloth etc.

    Just figured I’d let you know – fun game though, though it does need some spellchecking and such.

  12. Hey, great game and enjoyed the first too. Quick question – when in an iron mine or a house etc, I experience really long delays once killing an enemy. I press continue and I have to wait nearly a full minute for the screen to load back to the map. Kind of annoying. Anything you know of that could be the reason?

  13. So I beat the game, now I’m running no hut mode, I’ve made it to the dusty path but now what? I saw a tips/tricks Reddit post that said to ‘punch’ enemies when you have no weapons (to save resources), however when I embark and encounter enemies I have no punch action? I love the game and would love to beat it in no hut, but I’m finiding a lot harder with no weapons haha.

  14. Playing no hut mode and i cant punch anything and i dont know how to get weapons from the merchant yet either. Also awesome game.

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